How Tar Filters Help Reduce Coughing Caused by Smoking ?

Fed up of that annoying cough that greets you every morning?

People who smoke often develop a pesky cough. This cough is your body’s way of clearing out the chemicals that enter your airways and lungs when smoking.

Most of us have been there: you do wish to get rid of the coughing but find it very difficult to stay away from cigarettes. If your long-term goal is to quit smoking, but aren’t ready to go cold turkey just yet, it helps to know that there are tools to help you out!

Before we share our number one recommendation, let’s go into the why of your incessant cough.

Why does smoking cause coughing?

 When you smoke, chemicals are released into the body. These chemicals interfere with cilia, the structure that helps your body filter toxins from airways. As a result, toxins enter the lungs and your body tries to remove the harmful substances through coughing.

When a cough lasts more than three weeks, this starts to be known as smoker’s cough. It may start as a dry cough, but soon enough it can start producing phlegm. The phlegm may be colorless, blood-tinged, yellow-green or white.

The cough is many a times accompanied by a crackling sound when breathingpain in the chestshortness of breath, a sore throat, and wheezing.

The worst time for smoker’s cough is in the morning as the cilia wouldn’t have been affected by cigarette smoke and would have thus been able to filter out toxins. It gets better as the day goes by, but its symptoms will worsen with every year of smoking.

It’s a known fact that the most effective treatment for smoker’s cough is quitting smoking. When this is not possible, disposable tar filters are a good solution for reducing the coughing.

The 300-cartridge disposable tar filter pack not only considerably reduces the tar you’re inhaling and hence protects your lungs, but also acts as a natural aid to help you stop smoking.

in This article I will discuss How tar filters help reduce coughing caused by smoking - benefits of disposable cigarette filters

Regular use of a filter tip when smoking reduces coughing and shortness of breath and also relieves sore throat. The filter reduces tar by up to 90%, reducing the negative effects that smoking has on your body.

And this is why we love filters: you’ll enjoy seeing the tar collecting in the filter, knowing that it’s better off there, then in your lungs!

Here’s what one customer had to say:

 I’ve been using these two years. I cannot smoke a cigarette without one now. My cough did improve and when I went to a Doctor, he listened to my lungs and said, ‘You stopped smoking’. I said, ‘No, I use these,’ and showed him the tar filters. He said to keep using them. The tar filters are well worth it if you can’t or just don’t want to stop smoking  ”. Gina M.


If, like most of us, a pesky cough is not your idea of fun, click here to get yours , and you’ll be on the first step to waving it goodbye!